Pay with Cherry!

Cherry Payment Plans

With Cherry, practices can offer fast and easy payment plans for purchases between $200 – $10,000. Patients can split purchases into smaller, more manageable monthly payments.

Why Patients Love Cherry

Cherry’s fast, easy, inclusive application process is the best way to give your patients what they really want and need.

  1. Speed: Fast, easy, no gimmick application process.

  2. Flexibility: Flexible payment options extend your’ dollar’s that much further.

  3. Seamless: Painless repayment process with autopay and self-payment options.

  4. Credit Friendly: Applying with Cherry has zero impact on your credit.

Treat yourself now. Pay later.

Skin Science is now offering Cherry Payment Plans! Designed for your health, beauty, wellness needs, and procedures, Cherry allows you to make convenient monthly payments that fit in your budget.

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